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We use Trus-STEED Stable Guard Bedding Treatment in the production of our “Heavenly Blend” and other equine bedding products.

Why we use Stable Guard:

  • It destroys harmful bacteria, funghi, viruses and spores, making the bedding hygienic and beneficial for your horses’ health, helping to prevent respiratory conditions such as strangles and also skin infections like ringworm
  • Stable Guard also eliminates odours, keeping the bedding fresher for longer
  • The bitter agent contained in Stable Guard also stops bed eating, solution used by the manufacturer also contains a bitter agent to deter your horse from eating the bedding

All Trus-STEED’s products are manufactured to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 and meet all European biocide directives.

Trus-STEED is an important part of our “special mix”, creating the high quality equine bedding available from Heavenly Bedding. 

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