Mark Humphrey

Mark is a member of The Knights of Nottingham jousting team, who take part in Medieval Jousting Shows and events around the UK and beyond. Also a well-respected remedial farrier, Mark chooses Heavenly Bedding for all of the horses in the stables at Bunny Hill Riding Centre, near Loughborough.

As a farrier, as well as a rider, I understand what horses need to keep their feet in good health. When riding with the Nottingham Knights, I need to know that all of our horses are fast and nimble, so using top quality bedding is a key part of our stable routine.

We’ve been using Heavenly Bedding since 2017 and it is a great product, easy to use, stable and long lasting, at a very good price. We also appreciate the excellent service from Peter Sheppard and his team.

Mark Humphrey

The Knights of Nottingham
Knights of Nottingham Team Picture

Why we use Heavenly Bedding

Having tried a variety of types of bedding in the past, we find that the “Heavenly Blend” mix, with wheat straw and shavings, is the best product for us.

Peter has invested a lot of time in developing various different blends and is happy to work with new customers to find the best mix for their needs. We like the bitter agent, which stops bed eating. It’s reassuring to know that every time we buy the bedding it’s supplied at the same high quality and consistency we’re used to.

We also like knowing exactly where everything used to make the bedding comes from and how it is made on the Sheppard’s family farm. We know it doesn’t travel far to reach us so there’s a low carbon footprint.

The stables team love using the product as it’s easy to handle and lasts much longer than other types of bedding we’ve tried. Our larger horses use 1 to 1½ bales per week and the smaller ponies about ½ bale. After use, it goes on our muck heap and gets recycled.