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Laurence Hunt is a 4 Star International Event Rider, competing at Burghley in 2018.
All of the 20+ horses stabled in Laurence’s Leicestershire livery use Heavenly Bedding.

As a professional event rider, I know how important it is to keep my horses in the best possible condition and the stable bedding we use is an important part of that. Having used a variety of different types of bedding over 30 years,
Heavenly Bedding is the best I’ve ever used, very light and absorbent, fresh-smelling clean and hygienic and very popular with the 20+ horses in our stables.
Economical to buy and lasts longer than other types of bedding – I recommend it to all of my contacts.

Laurence Hunt

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How I use Heavenly Bedding

I like to create a good, full, bed for all of my horses and I use approx. 7 bales to make the bed, which is a pleasure to do as the bedding is so light.

Heavenly Bedding has a fine, ultra-absorbent consistency, so the daily removal of wet bedding and droppings from the horse bed is made easier and there’s very little waste, so the bedding lasts longer. I use 1-2 bales per week to keep the beds topped up (compared to 3 or 4 bales when using other types of bedding).

All waste is spread on local farmer’s fields, so it still has value after we’ve finished with it!

Heavenly Bedding is very clean, cost effective and goes a long way.
It also leaves a fresh smell in the stable and the horses love using it, but don’t eat it, so it’s a healthy option for them too.