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Horse bedding with a low carbon footprint

There’s been a lot of discussion in recent years about the environmental benefits of buying locally made products, particularly food, where people talk a lot about reducing food miles, i.e. minimising the distance travelled “from farm to table”.  The basic principles are that locally produced food is better quality and less damaging to the environment than buying imported food.

As local farmers, we always try to support the local community by buying local where possible to support farmers and other local businesses.

Our Heavenly Blend horse bedding is produced locally too. The wheat straw is grown on our own farm, and we have arrangements in place with other local farmers to obtain additional supplies should we ever need them, so we are in control of the straw supply. We also use high quality wood shavings, to get the blend just right, and these are also sourced locally. Everything is sustainably sourced and we have the storage capability to ensure that our equine bedding is always available for our customers when they need it.

We use the highly respected Trus-STEED Stable Guard to product a hygienic end product, which eliminates odours, bacteria and viruses and also discourages horses from eating the bedding. This is sourced from Scotland.

The equipment we use to create the bedding is housed on our farm and the product is mixed, processed and packaged all in-situ, using packaging which is also locally sourced. We even recycle the dust which is extracted as part of the process!

So everything that goes into the production of Heavenly Bedding is UK-sourced, nothing is imported and the carbon footprint is as low as we can make it.

Blog by Peter Sheppard 9/10/2020

heavenly blend package